Sportsman Parachute 180-220mph


Sportsman Parachute 180-220mph (DJ851067)

DJ Safety manufactures these parachutes to suit vehicles that run between 180-220mph. This makes it suitable for many classes of cars, from fast Super Sedan's to Funny Cars and Dragsters in Supercharged Outlaws. They are made from a very strong long lasting material that can take the beating of going round after round as common within the sportsman ranks.

The chutes are a 12ft crossform design with eight canopy lines. They are designed to be used for vehicles reaching up to 220mph. When running over 200mph you require 2 parachutes for your car!

Parachutes come ready for racing, complete with Pilot Chute, Black chute pack and Safety flag/pin. Available in a variety of colours.


  • Pack is reinforced Black Nylon with 4-door lid.
  • Main chock sleeve is covered in Black Nylon.
  • Main canopy panels constructed of reinforced ripstop nylon with 8-point attachments.
  • Leather reinforced Pilot chute features a compression launch spring system

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