Brad Penn High Performance Oil


High-performance engine oil, gear oil, and assembly lube made from 100-percent Pennsylvania grade crude for unsurpassed protection of critical components. Pennsylvania grade crude oil is very thermally stable and contains no heavy, semi-solid “asphaltic” components. This makes it an ideal choice as stock for high-performance oil. As Brad Penn uses this single crude stock exclusively, its oil and lubricants are consistently of the highest quality.

SAE 20W-50

Designed to offer higher performance engines the cold temperature operational benefits of an SAE ‘20W’ engine oil while providing the desired film strength;

SAE 20W-50

SAE 20W-50 High Performance Oil

SAE 50

SAE 50 High Performance Oilv

SAE 30 Break in oil

Break In Oil

SAE 30

SAE 30 High Performance Oil

SAE 80W-90 Multi-Purpose Gear Oil

Multi-Purpose Gear OilSAE 80W-90

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